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American Legion Certificates
Appreciation (Legion)

Appreciation (Legion Riders)


Blood Donor (Legion)

Blue Star (Legion)

Boy Scout Appreciation (Legion)

Boys State Appreciation (Legion)

Boys State Good Citizenship (Legion)

Commendation (Legion-Auxiliary)

Continuous Membership (Legion)

E.M.T. Commendation (Legion)

Eagle Scout (Legion)

Employment Veterans (Legion)

Firefighter Commendation (Legion)

Flag Appreciation (Legion)

Initiation (Legion)

Law Enforcement Commendation (Legion)

Legionnaire of the Year (Legion)

Life Member (Legion)

Medal (Legion)

Meritorious Service (Legion)

Oratorical (Legion)

Participation (Legion)

Post Everlasting (Legion)

POW-MIA Flag Appreciation (Legion)

ROTC (Legion)

Scholarship Award (Legion)

School Award (Legion)

School Award Honorable Mention (Legion)

Veteran (Legion)

Auxiliary Certificates
Appreciation (Auxiliary)

Continuous Membership (Auxiliary)

Girls State Appreciation (Auxiliary)

Girls State Good Citizenship (Auxiliary)

Initiation (Auxiliary)

Jr. Participation (Auxiliary)

Life Member (Auxiliary)

Medal (Auxiliary)

Meritorious Service (Auxiliary)

Participation (Auxiliary)

Poppy (Auxiliary)

ROTC (Auxiliary)

Scholarship Award (Auxiliary)

S.A.L. Certificates
Continuous Membership (S.A.L.)

Detachment Appreciation (S.A.L.)

Life Member (S.A.L.)

Squadron Appreciation (S.A.L.)

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