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Life Style Changes by David Wilcox

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How many times have you made a health goal that fizzled out after only a few weeks? Don’t let past struggles hold you back from trying to make positive changes today. You can commit yourself to healthy habits right now by making lifestyle changes that will last


When you commit yourself to changes that make you feel good about yourself, you will be more likely to stick to them. Improving your personal growth and development can have a number of advantages including:


  • Improving your health and wellness.
  • Increasing your emotional well-being.
  • Boosting your personal identity.
  • Increasing your self-esteem.
  • Raising your self-awareness.
  • Increasing your overall quality of life.


Find Happiness

Take some time to think about what makes you happy. Whether it’s spending time with your family or going on a solo camping trip, consider how much time you spend doing it and, if it really makes you happy, can you make more time to pursue it? Also consider the things in your life that are currently making you unhappy Make a list and work out what you can do to change them.


Be Determined

Once you have set your goals, be determined to accomplish them. If you are not fully committed, you are doomed to fail at the outset. This is particularly true of your personal growth. Having support from your friends and family will be a big help, so make sure you tell them the goals you’ve set and let them encourage you. Find ways to keep yourself motivated by making your positive life changes fun. For example, you might start a little side business pet sitting or dog walking. Both are great ways to get exercise and spending time with animals is good for our physical and mental health. Or treat yourself to a weekend of healthy but delicious dinners. These little sparks of motivation will boost your ability to keep on the path to achieving your goals.


Monitor Your Progress

Keeping a journal and recording your progress is a great way to stay motivated because on days when you feel like giving in, you can look back at the steps you’ve taken and see how much you have already accomplished. This will help you to regain your energy and determination to meet the task head on.


Work Out Your Willpower

According to the latest research, willpower is similar to a muscle, which means that the more you use it, the stronger it will become. One simple way you can give your willpower a workout is by squeezing a grip strengthener or a soft rubber ball every day until it becomes uncomfortable. Practicing this twice a day can help you boost your willpower over time.


Kick the Bad Habits

Everyone has them, and everyone knows that they’re unhealthy, so make an effort to get rid of them. Don’t wait until tomorrow — start right now. Make positive changes like exercising regularly, eating a healthier diet, reducing your stress levels, and certainly stopping any substance abuse. You will be amazed how quickly you start feeling better.


Raise Your Spirits

It’s true what they say: laughter is good medicine. Spending time having fun with friends, watching funny movies or participating in any activity that puts you in a good mood is beneficial for your emotional and physical well-being.


Remember Your Achievements and Attributes

When you have personal worries and stressors, it’s often hard not to focus solely on the negative aspects of your life. Take some time out and make a list of your personal attributes and all the things you have achieved in the past year. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t conquer Mount Everest, but it matters that you got a promotion at work or saved that nest egg for your future. When you’re feeling less than positive, take a look at your list and give yourself another pat on the back. Positive feelings are always beneficial to your overall health.


Think Positive

Positive thinking can have a beneficial impact on your health in several ways: it can help reduce your stress, boost your immunity, and make you more resilient to disease and infection. Optimism has been associated with a number of specific health benefits, such as a reduced risk of depression and death from cardiovascular issues, as well as a longer lifespan.


Remember, big changes happen over time, and adjusting your lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. By setting unrealistic goals for yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure — when you can’t meet them, you will lose motivation and feel negative. Remember that taking small steps will ultimately lead to big gains.



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