The Bergen County American Legion project to replace the 3 old and out dated buses at the Paramus Veteran’s home which raised $216, 321 and was approved at the BCAL Oct 22, 2013 meeting and kicked off on Nov. 4, 2013, came to a conclusion on Wednesday February 10th when the 3rd Bus was delivered and dedicated. The first bus was ordered on Jan 17, 2014 and delivered on April 25, 2014. The 2nd bus was ordered on Oct 18, 2014 and delivered March 4, 2015. The 3rd bus was ordered on Oct 19.2015 and delivered February 10, 2016.

I want to thank all of the organizations and individuals who donated and made this project such a great success. There are too many organizations and individuals to thank here personally so a plaque was donated to be mounted in the bus. The Plague lists all who contributed $500 or more towards the 3rd bus. In addition a plaque was donated to be hung in the lobby next to the other two plaques which lists all who contributed to the 3rd bus. The plaque contains the logos of all organizations that contributed $5,000 or more towards this bus. These logos also appear on the bus with the American Legion and Big “B” Central Relief logos appearing on the front of the bus because they donated the most towards the bus collectively.

Again I want to thank all who made this project a success and in such a short time.

Bob Salvini, Commander
Bergen County American Legion
“We continue to serve”

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